Products-The Good Stuff

  • Slanina (Smoked Bacon)
  • Kobasice (Smoked Sausages)
  • Rebre (Smoked Ribs)
  • Suhe Salame (Smoked Salami)
  • Vrat (Smoked Capicola)
  • Pečenica (Smoked Tenderloin)
  • Our famous Pepperoni Sticks

  • Having a party or a corporate function?  We roast half or whole pigs and lambs as ordered.  Weights and prices vary, please call for more information.  Included in the price is cutting into small portion sizes if you prefer.  Or leave it whole for the "WOW" factor.
  • Don't have a reason to party but still craving our delicious roasted pork?  Don't worry!  We sell by the kilo on weekends.  Sometimes we sell out fast so a quick call to us and we will put aside your desired amount.


If you haven't tried a Ćevap, you don't know what you are missing.  Ćevaps are small perfectly seasoned grilled rolls of ground beef, veal and pork served in a pita bread called Lepinja (Lep-in-nya). Chopped onions are served on the side, as well as a cream cheese-sour cream mixture called Kajmak.  We sell all these items and our Ćevaps are made from SCRATCH with love by us.


If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly issue a full refund if you bring the product back to us in store! Unfortunately refunds will not be made without the physical product.

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